Tax Services

Over the years, we have established our presence as the preferred tax service firm in Nigeria. As one of the most successful taxation services for businesses in Nigeria, we have over a decade years of experience in providing support which our cliens can rely on. Some of our taxation services includes:

Tax Planning
Advising clients on the best way to organize operational affairs or advising clients on the tax implication of operational decisions with a view not just to minimize tax burden but also prevent tax penalties. This covers not only company income tax also personal income tax for employees, capital gain tax on disposal and also value added tax.

Tax Investigations
The firm also acts as agents of government or of an investigation panel for a tax audit such as back duty investigation of companies or individuals for PAYE, withholding taxes, tenement rates; value added tax, and capital gains tax etc. Companies are also encouraged to commission a self-investigation to avoid the embarrassment and penalty that will arise when the assignment is done by a government appointed investigator.

Tax Liaison
The firm liaises with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of clients in the computation and agreement of tax liability including relief claims such as capital allowances computations, etc. It also assists clients in making self-assessment tax returns, and other tax returns including the monthly VAT returns

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