Raywhite Folorunsho & Co (Chartered Accountants)

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Tax Services

We provide comprehensive tax planning and avoidance services in areas of companies' income tax, personal income tax, value added tax, withholding tax, petroleum profit tax, stamp duties etc. Contact us and be relieved of your burden!.


Our firm provides services to companies and government in the planning and designing of accounting systems suitable for them. We also customise, install, and train on popular accounting packages tailored towards the operational needs of our client.

Audit and Assurance Services

We conduct our audit using the application of auditing techniques in the critical examination of financial statements and accompanying notes, records, to determine the extent of true and fair view of the obeserved financial record.

Welcome Message from the M.P.

The MPWelcome to Raywhite Folorunsho & Co(Chartered Accountants|Tax Concultants). We are accountant of choice for firms looking for quality service at affordable rate. We are accounting firm with a wide range of accounting services tailored to help businesses establish, grow, and thrive in their chosen markets. We have the personnel and the experience to deliver beyond your expectations. With staff at various locations nationwide, we are big enough to cope with all your requirements and small enough to know you. All our personnel are highly trained and professionally qualified with the expertise to provide the very best advice for any given situation or circumstance. As your advisers we represent only you, our client with unbiased, custom made consulting solutions of uncompromising quality.

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We Want To Help Your Business Grow

We know that starting a new business entails a lot of activities including doing some research online and traditionally through books and other business publications. Copious advice would have been sought all in a bid to make sure that your money the initial investment and your valuable time does not all go to waste. However, sustaining the business going forward is probably more important! This is where WE come in. We have experience covering the full spectrum of your business needs, hospitality, financial services, hospitality industry, oil & gas, manufacturing, agro & allied businesses etc.

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Why Us!

Have you ever wondered why our clients decide to do business with us over the years

  1. We are transparent
  2. We are ethical
  3. You will work with an experienced and achieving team of chartered accountants
  4. We will focus on helping you grow your business
  5. You will be guaranteed excellent client service

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International Affiliation

SGA World

SGA is an international network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms around the world. The member firms offer a wide range of business services which include audit & assurance, taxation, accounting, legal and other ancillary services in management consulting and corporate finance. All member firms are selected after proper due diligence and quality checks. SGA World ensure that all member firms are well respected in their local markets. They possess and share similar values and qualities. They all cater their services to various types of clients from small and medium-sized businesses, fast-growing enterprises, multinational subsidiaries and branches, international companies or organizations and charity or not-for-profit organizations.

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